Glenwood Springs–Colorado’s Open Meetings Law was violated recently by the Garfield County Board of Commissioners when an executive session was held to discuss the hiring process for the new manager. The Board was informed of the violation by County Attorney and interim manager Andrew Gorgey. A special meeting will be held next Monday.

Battlement Mesa–The recent shooting death of a Battlement Mesa man is being investigated as a homicide. So far, no suspects have been named in the January14th death of 30 year old Jeremy Caywood.

Aspen–Two local men died on the slopes in Pitkin County yesterday in separate incidents. 30 year old Gabriel Hillard of Aspen was killed after snowboarding into a tree at Highlands. A half hour later, a 43 year old local man died in an avalanche while skiing in an out of bounds area at Snowmass.

Denver–Former Mullen High School Football coach Dave Logan is now being accused of recruiting violations. Officials at the school did not go into detail but they say that’s the main reason Logan was fired after nine seasons. He led the Mustangs to four state championships. Logan denies the allegations.

In other news….

DENVER (AP) – A federal appeals court in Denver is considering
the Obama administration’s decision to cancel Bush-era oil and gas
leases near national parks in Utah.
The case before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Thursday
involves leases near Arches and Canyonlands national parks and
Dinosaur National Monument that were auctioned off in the final
month of the President George W. Bush’s administration. Interior
Secretary Ken Salazar later canceled the leases and energy
companies challenged his decision in court.
An environmental activist joined the auction and drove up prices
with his bidding in what he said was an act of civil disobedience.
Tim DeChristopher didn’t have the $1.7 million to pay for the
leases he won and was convicted and sentenced to two years in

DENVER (AP) – Colorado Republicans are poised to pass what they
call a new tactic to challenge the federal health care overhaul.
The Republican House is debating a resolution calling for a
state-initiated amendment to the U.S. Constitution repealing last
year’s health care law. The measure would not trigger a
constitutional convention unless two-thirds of the states pass
similar resolutions. Democrats control the Colorado Senate and governor’s office. But the unusual constitutional maneuver in the House would not require
approval by the Senate nor the governor. Democrats in the House say the resolution is a partisan waste of time.