News, January 21st

DENVER (AP) – More people tried to buy a gun in 2013 than in any other year in Colorado.Nearly 400,000 criminal background checks were processed by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for gun purchasers. That’s 16 percent more than in 2012, which also broke a record. In 2013 only 1.9 percent of those who applied were denied. The denial rate is lower than it was in 2012, when 2.1 percent were rejected.

Review for CU prof who teaches deviance course

BOULDER (AP) – The University of Colorado’s Boulder Faculty Assembly has formed two committees to review the school’s treatment of tenured sociology professor Patti Adler.Boulder Faculty Assembly chairman Paul Chinowsky says one committee formed Monday will investigate whether established university policies and procedures were followed, and the other to find out if new policies are needed.
University officials ordered Adler to stop teaching the class in December following complaints about a role-playing skit for students that focused on prostitution.

Lawsuit filed over Snowmass snowboard accident

ASPEN (AP) – A pilot for the German airline Lufthansa has filed a lawsuit in federal court blaming a Colorado man for causing a snowboarding accident at Snowmass Ski Area last year. The lawsuit says Richard Price was snowboarding on March 5 when he crashed into Lothar Krachen, causing serious injuries.The lawsuit says Krachen has not received medical clearance to return to work and his injuries are serious. The lawsuit seeks damages in an amount to be determined at a jury trial, as well as reimbursement for legal costs.Price’s attorney said Tuesday there is evidence that Krachen crashed into Price first. .

Aspen police warn of credit card scammer
ASPEN (AP) – Aspen police are warning the public after they found a credit card skimmer and a small camera at a downtown ATM machine.Police said in a statement Monday it is unknown how long the skimmer has been in place. They say security videos will be reviewed to identify potential suspects.Aspen attracts celebrities and the wealthy for its skiing and all around ambiance from around the U.S. and the world.Authorities are encouraging people to monitor their bank accounts closely if they used their debit card at a Wells Fargo ATM in Aspen. They say the best option is to replace the card and get a new PIN number.