ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) – Colorado tourism Director Al White is apologizing for disparaging remarks he made about New Mexico to the Wall Street Journal. After the paper ran an article about New Mexico’s efforts to
boost tourism through a rebranding campaign, Colorado tourism
director Al White responded, “So how about this for a theme: ‘New
Mexico…just south of Paradise!’ That would have saved New Mexico
the $2.5 million it spent on the effort.”
White says it was just an attempt at humor and he meant no ill will. In fact, he says the comments weren’t even original. He says about a decade ago someone from Wyoming said the same thing about Colorado.
New Mexico Secretary of Tourism Monique Jacobson says she didn’t
take the comment personally and invited White to come south to ski.

DENVER (AP) – A Colorado Republican lawmaker who wants to lower
car fees to the tune of $12 million a year is trying again to
ratchet back vehicle registration fees. Rep. Randy Baumgardner of
Hot Sulphur Springs is bringing his tag fee repeal to a GOP House
committee today. The GOP House approved the idea last year, but the
lower fees were rejected in the Democratic Senate. The bill would
roll back unpopular increases to Colorado car fees and late tag
registration fines.

DENVER (AP) – Colorado lawmakers want to reduce the cost of
college for students by directing higher education institutions to
create a system of awarding credit for job experience and military
service. A hearing on the proposal is scheduled for today.
Republican Rep. Tom Massey says the goal is to allow students to
graduate faster if their experience applies to some college

DENVER (AP) – The dome of the Colorado Capitol is going under
wraps. Contractors for the state’s ongoing Capitol dome restoration
project will begin placing a protective, weatherproof wrap around
the dome Wednesday to prepare for the next stage of a renovation
and repair project. Restoration of the dome became necessary after Colorado’s intense freeze-thaw cycle caused the exterior metal surfaces to
deteriorate over the past 100 years.
State officials say the deterioration created unsafe conditions
that forced closure in 2006 of the outside observation deck.