GLENDALE, Colo. (AP) – Nearly a year after the nation’s deadliest foodborne illness outbreak in more than two decades, Rocky Ford cantaloupes are back in supermarkets. Farmers are going on the offensive to restore the fruit’s reputation a year after melons from one of the area’s farms caused a nationwide listeria outbreak that killed 30 people. Farmers have banded together to trademark Rocky Ford melons and fund a new tracking system to prevent future outbreaks, but they must convince buyers that the melons are safe.

DENVER (AP) – Officials say it’s too early to tell if anyone has been infected by a Colorado dentist accused of reusing syringes and needles to administer drugs to some of his patients since 1999. The head of the state health department said today that letters have been mailed to at least 8,000 patients dentist Stephen Stein, whose practice was first in Highlands Ranch, then in Denver.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK, Colo. (AP) – A 47-year-old man has died in a fall at Rocky Mountain National Park. The unidentified man slid 100 feet down Andrews Glacier into rocks yesterday while descending with friends. A park trail crew was in the area and recovered the man’s body. Officials say he was from Castle Rock but aren’t releasing his name until his relatives are notified.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) – The city of Englewood is apologizing after public pool managers told a breast-feeding woman to cover up or find a private place to feed her child. Supporters plan to protest today outside the Pirate’s Cove Aquatic Park with a nurse-in. City spokesman Mike Flaherty said he apologized to the woman’s family and acknowledged the city violated state and federal laws that protect breast-feeding children.