Glenwood Springs–Over 55 thousand public comments were received by the U.S. Forest Service regarding Colorado’s Roadless Protection Rule. The federal government is expected to make a final decision by the end of the year.

Undated–A federal judge is expected to rule on a lawsuit attempting to block a national caving group from touring caves in the Glenwood Springs area. The National Speleological Society is holding a six-day convention in Glenwood starting next Monday.

Meeker–Watch out for herds of elk crossing Highway 13 near Meeker. State Wildlife officials say this time of year is especially dangerous for motorists as many cow elk are migrating with their young calves.

In other news…

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (AP) – The Colorado Department of
Agriculture has unleashed a new insect to help control weeds in
western Colorado. The Palisade Insectary has released the gall midge in Mesa and Garfield counties in the first attempt in the state to try to use
the insect in the battle against the spread of Russian knapweed.
Agriculture officials say knapweed takes over pasture lands,
makes animal sick and also secretes a chemical that can make soil
toxic and prevent other plants from growing.

DENVER (AP) – Authorities are bracing for more rain for areas of
Colorado already soaked for over a week. Forecasters said today
that more thunderstorms may produce locally heavy rainfall, hail
and gusty winds. A 16-year-old boy was hospitalized yesterday after
he was swept more than 100 yards down Sand Creek in Aurora.

DENVER (AP) – Colorado’s wet weather has done more than flood
streets and cause mud slides. It’s also putting a damper on work
for some people. The Grand Junction Sentinel reports that first
deep snow and now drenching rains have made it tough for loggers to
reach some parts of the forest, shutting down work at a timber mill
in Montrose. In northeastern Colorado, all the rain is delaying the
wheat harvest.