GRAND JUNCTION (AP) – The BLM will not be gathering wild horses in Colorado this summer. Colorado is close to its targeted population on public lands. Colorado has about 780 wild horses in four Western Slope management areas. All are within the limits set for a sustainable herd size.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK (AP) – Visitors to Rocky Mountain National Park are hiking more cautiously after lightning strikes at the popular park killed two people in two days last week. Signs around the park warn that storms can close in quickly with deadly results. But the park hadn’t seen a lightning fatality in 14 years until Friday, when a woman was killed and seven more hikers were injured. One day later and a few miles away, lightning killed one man and injured three other hikers.

DENVER (AP) – Colorado’s attorney general says it’s only a matter of time until gay marriage is legal in his state. But he’s still going to fight it in court. John Suthers made the statements in an interview yesterday as he asked the Colorado Supreme Court to stop county clerks from giving marriage licenses to gay couples while a ban against gay marriage remains in effect. He is also appealing a lower court’s ruling that that ban is unconstitutional.

DENVER (AP) – A state audit of History Colorado questions the use of employee credit cards meant for official functions. The audit report released today found that History Colorado spent about $1 million for expenses classified as official functions from 2009 through 2014. But auditors noted that many of the official-function purchases were for individual coffees or lunches. History Colorado maintains museums and historical sites around the state.