Glenwood Springs—The Federal Bureau of Investigation is working with local law enforcement to identify and capture the man who robbed the West Glenwood Alpine Bank early Monday afternoon.  The white, middle-aged man, wearing a ball cap and blue and white bermuda shorts walked into the bank, handed a note to a teller, pulled out a gun and walked out with an undisclosed amount of cash.  The man is said to be around 5 feet 8 inches in height, average build with grayish hair and a goatee.  He is considered armed and dangerous.

GEORGETOWN (AP) – The three people who were killed in yesterday’s small plane crash at the Loveland Ski Area in Colorado were a family from Ohio. The Clear Creek Sheriff’s Office identified the victims  as 43-year-old James Kerker, 39-year-old Amy Kerker, and 6-year-old Lucas Kerker, of Raymond, Ohio.  They were on vacation en route to Moab, Utah when they crashed on a slope at the ski resort.  Witnesses say the plane was headed toward the Continental Divide and attempted to turn around when it apparently lost power and couldn’t clear the wall of mountains. The plane crashed near a ski lift. A National Transportation Safety Board spokesman says investigators are gathering information to determine what caused the crash. 

VAIL (AP) – Investigators have recovered most of the human remains tied to a Vail construction site. Work at the site resumed Monday after several bones were found last week at the site and at another spot where construction debris was taken. Officials say about 70 percent of the skeleton was then recovered at the debris site as investigators followed up on search areas identified by recovery dogs. Eagle County coroner Kara Bettis says the latest discovery should help identify the person and determine the manner of death.