CONIFER, Colo. (AP) – Crews are hoping that newly arrived
reinforcements will help in the fight against a wildfire that has
destroyed dozens of homes in the mountains southwest of Denver and
may have claimed two lives. About 400 firefighters are at the 7-square-mile fire today, focusing on building containment lines around the
perimeter. A search team also is using dogs to look for a woman missing in
the fire zone. Her home was among 28 destroyed or damaged in the
blaze, which started Monday. Authorities believe it was likely sparked by a controlled burn set last week to clear vegetation in the hopes of preventing a

DENVER (AP) – Colorado lawmakers are making their case for a
measure to reduce penalties for some drug possession offenses and
direct money for treatment. Lawmakers hold a hearing today on a
bill that says drug addicts should get treatment instead of long
sentences that cost the state money. Prosecutors oppose the
legislation and say possessing dangerous drugs merit harsh

DENVER (AP) – Fremont County commissioners have voted to approve
a permit for the artist Christo’s Over The River project, which
involves suspending huge fabric panels from cables over parts of
the Arkansas River along U.S. 50. Christo’s team already has
federal permission to proceed but still needs permits from Chaffee
County, CDOT and eventually the State Patrol.

DENVER (AP) – Members of the Colorado and New Mexico National
Guard are honoring Civil War soldiers who died in a battle known as
the “Gettysburg of the West.” A memorial ceremony is planned this
morning at Santa Fe National Cemetery to honor troops who died in
the battle at Glorieta Pass 150 years ago this week. Union
soldiers, consisting of Colorado and New Mexico guardsmen and some
federal soldiers, defeated Confederate forces.