Glenwood Springs–The Hens are coming to roost in Glenwood Springs. Last night, the Glenwood Springs City Council voted to direct the legal staff to write up an ordinance to allow backyard chicken coops.

Glenwood Springs–The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority got the okay from the Glenwood Springs City Council to build the new Bus Rapid Transit Station at 27th and Grand Avenue. The council voted to support RAFTA’s eminent domain powers for the 1 and a half acre site.

Glenwood Springs–The old Glenwood Springs Post-Independent building near 20th and Grand is going up in flames. This Sunday and next Tuesday, the building will be used for fire training and emergency response exercises. The building will eventually be leveled to make way for a new First Bank.

Glenwood Springs–The Glenwood Springs Mall is bracing for big crowds tomorrow. The new, 25 thousand square foot Ross Store will open it’s doors Saturday morning at 10.

DENVER (AP) – A bill to scale back strict Columbine-era school
discipline policies has cleared the first hurdle in the Colorado
Senate, but it’s got a ways to go with lawmakers who think the
legislation tries to do too much. A Senate committee forwarded the
bill on a 3-2 party-line vote with Republicans voting against it

DENVER (AP) – Female lawmakers in Colorado are donning antique
hats and giving out cupcakes to mark 100 years since the election
of Colorado’s first female state senator. Helen Ring Robinson was
elected in 1912 as a Democrat from Denver. Ring was elected 19
years after women earned the right to vote in Colorado, but eight
years before women nationwide earned suffrage. Colorado’s state
Legislature currently has the highest percentage of women in any
state — 40 percent.

BROOMFIELD, Colo. (AP) – Vail Resorts says it’s met its goal of
reducing its energy consumption by almost 11 percent, and it plans
to keep going. Since setting its energy-reduction goal in 2008, the
company has replaced inefficient lighting and made its snowmaking
systems more energy efficient.

NEDERLAND, Colo. (AP) – Nederland’s Frozen Dead Guy Days
celebration is getting under way honoring a frozen corpse. The
three-day festival that begins today features a parade of hearses,
frozen salmon tossing and coffin races.Bredo Morstoel’s corpse has
been packed in dry ice in a shed at the mountain town since 1993.
He died in 1989 at age 89 and his Norwegian family preserved his
body in hopes technology will be developed to bring him back to