News, March 4th

DENVER (AP) – Two Colorado Senate committees are starting work today on a package of Democratic gun-control measures that already have cleared the House. Those include limits on ammunition magazines and expanded background checks to include private sales and online purchases.

DENVER (AP) – The Jackson County coroner has identified the victim of an avalanche over the weekend as 26-year-old Joseph Philpott of Fort Collins. Coroner George Crocket said today that Philpott died of his injuries suffered Saturday. He said 24-year-old Alex White survived after being buried for three hours and was taken to a Fort Collins-area hospital, where his condition was not available. The Colorado Avalanche Information said today the danger of snow slides is high in northern and central Colorado.

GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) – Flags at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona are being flown at half-staff today in honor of an airman from Colorado who died following physical training. Officials say Master Sgt. Iordanis (ee-or-DAH’-nis) “Jordan” Velissariou (veh-lih-SAHR’-ee-oh) was stricken Thursday at the base in the Phoenix suburb of Glendale. The 40-year-old Velissariou was from Colorado Springs.

DENVER (AP) – An advocacy group says the appointment of the first woman to command the Air Force Academy is significant, but more needs to be done to address the treatment of women in the military. Air Force Maj. Gen Michelle Johnson has been chosen to be the next superintendent of the Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs. Anu Bhagwati (AH-noo bahg-WAH-tee) of Service Women’s Action Network said today Johnson is well qualified for the job. But she says putting women into high-ranking positions won’t by itself address unequal treatment and sexual assault.