Glenwood Springs–Garfield County and local engineers are taking public comments on the preferred design for a section of Four Mile Road known around the area as, “Dead Man’s Curve.” Several local citizens got a glimpse of the four alternatives during an open house last night at the Glenwood Springs Community Center. The county hopes to begin the project this fall.

Aspen–During his time in the Pitkin County Jail, Vaughn Barnett replaced pot with yoga and says he’s never felt better. That’s a big reason, District Judge Gail Nichols gave him a light sentence and four years probation for having 11 pounds of weed mailed to him.

DENVER (AP) – It’s Super Tuesday, and Colorado isn’t entirely
left out of the action. Colorado Democrats hold precinct caucuses
tonight, four weeks after their Republican counterparts held
precinct caucuses to choose presidential favorites. Democrats have
no contested presidential contest, so their precinct caucuses have
attracted little attention. Democrats also have no statewide
officers or contested congressional primary battles, so Democrats
tonight will be deciding local matters.

DENVER (AP) – The number of business complaints Colorado
consumers are filing is rising. The state attorney general’s office
says consumers filed just under 7,300 complaints last year, which
is up almost 13 percent from 2010 and about 54 percent from 2009.
Financial planning and management consultants were the targets of
the most complaints filed last year. But the business named most
often was Dalbey Education Institute, which has been accused of
airing misleading infomercials.

DENVER (AP) – Housing for homeless veterans, affordable housing
and foreclosure assistance programs are being considered for
Colorado’s share of a national settlement with mortgage lenders.
Colorado is getting about $205 million as part of a $25 billion
settlement with the nation’s five largest mortgage lenders.