News, May 31st


Glenwood Springs—Local rivers seem to have hit their peak flows for the spring according to the latest expert reports. Official with the U.S. Geological Survey say the Colorado River hit the highest level on May 18th at 96-hundred cubic feet per second. The Roaring Fork/Colorado River confluence peaked on Memorial Day at 34-hundred cfs. As for snowpack levels in the region, the Roaring Fork Conservancy says it peaked at 88 percent of average on the 25th of April and only 13 percent of the snowpack is left. Officials say that percentage will drop considerably with warmer temperatures expected in early June. Officials say transbasin diversions from the upper Fryingpan and the Arkansas River Basin have had an impact on flows into the Roaring Fork. As a result, Reudi Reservoir is less than 70 percent full. Drought conditions in the Roaring Fork Watershed are listed as moderate.


Palisade—Fruit lovers will enjoy sweeter but fewer Palisade Peaches this year because of the cold spring. According to western slope growers, the late spring storms and chilly temperatures damaged blooms and buds. The April fruit freeze was reportedly deep and valley-wide, affecting peaches especially hard on the east end of the region. One large peach grower says he lost 90 percent of his crop. Still, farmers are optimistic there will be enough Palisade Peaches to meet the in-state demand but tough to satisfy customers in other states. They expect this year’s crop be bigger and sweeter than usual. In addition to peaches, grapes were also damaged by the cold spring temperatures.


Steamboat Springs—No one knows why Lisa Marie Lesyshen shot and killed her 9 year old son before turning the gun on herself two days ago near Steamboat Springs. Asher Lesyshen-Kirlan was still breathing according to his dad, Michael Kirlan, when he called 9-1-1 Wednesday morning around 3 o’clock. By the time emergency officials arrived at the Stagecoach home, Asher was dead. Routt County Sheriff Garrett Wiggins says Michael Kirlan apparently was jolted awake by the sound of a .22 caliber pistol. Kirlan was cleared as a suspect after his wife, Lisa confessed to killing her little boy before a failed attempt at taking her own life. With an attorney in her Denver hospital room, officials say Lisa Lesyshen made the confession and said she knew her son was dead. Sheriff Wiggins says this tragedy has rocked the whole community. According to statements from Michael Kirlan, he and his wife were having marital problems and after she shot her their son, she begged him to kill her. Asher was a student at Soda Creek Elementary and was described as a happy, outgoing youngster who loved skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding.

Eagle County—A five year old boy who wandered away from his mom and dad yesterday was found dead in a pond near the Eagle and Routt County line. Search teams from both counties responded to the call. Jessie Mosher from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office says the youngster was given CPR on the way to Vail Valley Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.