News, November 12th


Glenwood Springs—The Garfield County Airport no longer exists.  It is now known as the Rifle/Garfield County Airport.  The word “regional” was removed from the name at the request of the Federal Aviation Administration for various reasons including the call letters for airport being too long.  Airport Manager Brian Condie discussed the future of the airport with the Board of County Commissioners today.  He says even with all the recent improvements and upgrades, there are no plans to become a commercial airport in the next 10 years.  He says federal projections for growth and demand are pretty flat.  Condie says he’d like to focus on diverting more jets to Rifle.  He says there’s a great deal of money to be made in diversions and many neighboring airports are marketing to pilots to consider flying to their facilities.


Glenwood Springs—Garfield County is once again helping out it’s neighbors by giving them a few old, high mileage vehicles with some life left in them.  The board of commissioners agreed to donate three, Ford F-150’s; one to the Palisade Police Department and the other two to the city of Rifle.


Snowmass Village—A controversial, publicly scorned Snowmass Village veterinary council has dissolved.  Two of the three active members of the Krabloonik Veterinary Advisory Council chose to resign over ongoing allegations of animal abuse at the dog sledding operation.  The resignation of the two members forced the council to disband. Local animal activists and dog lovers alike have long criticized the kennel for chaining up the dogs during the seven month off season and often beating them.