News, November 13th


Undated–Sex offenders in Colorado are being sought in a statewide sweep. The U.S. Marshals Service is conducting “Operation Shepherd” which began at dawn last Friday. So far, 16 sex offenders have been arrested for various charges including failing to register, child porn and sexual assault. Three dozen law enforcement agencies in the state are assisting in the search for 95 sex offenders with outstanding warrants.


Glenwood Springs–The Garfield County Board of Commissioners will discuss the ramifications of legalized marijuana this afternoon. Last week, voters in Colorado approved Amendment 64 and now local and state government leaders are wondering what the next step is since marijuana is still against federal law.


Denver–150 feet, 750 feet, 1,000 feet? The question of how far an oil and gas drilling rig should be from houses, schools and other buildings will be discussed tomorrow by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. The commission will take public comments during tomorrow’s special hearing and consider rules for sampling and monitoring of groundwater near new wells.
Current rules call for a 150 foot separation from buildings in rural areas and 350 feet in urban areas. Environmental groups are pushing for a 1,000 foot setback but that doesn’t sit well farmers and ranchers who don’t want drilling rigs in the middle of their land.


Denver–Individual cities should not have the authority to ban oil and gas drilling. So says a growing number of city leaders in Colorado who are rallying against a drilling ban approved last week by voters in Longmont. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission says Longmont is ignoring the community needs fo oil and gas products like electricity and transportation. Officials from Denver, Fort Collins and Aurora believe the state alone has the power to regulate the industry. Environmental groups however say drilling poses too great a risk to water supplies.