Washington, D.C.–Ski resorts, grazers and property owners in Colorado stand to lose millions of dollars if the federal government carries out a plan to claim the state’s water rights according to western slope Congressman Scott Tipton. Tipton is currently in a water rights battle with the Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Forest Service.

Marble–The recall campaign of Marble Mayor Tony Petrocco failed. According to town officials, the final vote count was 34 to keep him in office and 30 to give him the boot. Some people wanted him recalled because of an alleged land use issue.

Glenwood Springs–Those hoping to launch a new K through 8th grade charter school next fall have put the plans on hold for another year. Supporters of the Two Rivers Expeditionary Charter School say they need more time to finalize plans and find a good location.

Copper Mountain–Three men in Summit County have been charged with felony theft for stealing over six thousand dollars worth of official gear belonging to the U.S. Ski Team.

In other news…

DENVER (AP) – A study by the Colorado Geological Survey says
poor surface-water quality in some headwaters areas isn’t due to
human activities like mining but to geology. The study identifies
streams in 11 headwater areas where surface water is acidic and has
high concentrations of metals even upstream of any significant
human impacts.

DENVER (AP) – A Colorado entrepreneur’s solar light bulb company
is part of relief efforts for victims of earthquakes in Turkey.
Stephen Katsaros founded Nokero International, which got its start
making handheld lights powered by solar panels. The relief agency
ShelterBox says Nokero’s lights are being included in kits that
ShelterBox is distributing in Turkey. Nokero, which is short for
“no kerosene,” is aimed at serving communities that don’t have