News, November 2nd

Glenwood Springs–The Glenwood Springs city council unanimously approved an 11.7 million dollar budget for 2013. The budget contains about 300 thousand dollars more in expenditures than this year and reflects a steady climb in sales tax revenues. City officials say there may be some small increases in fees but overall service levels will remain the same.

Glenwood Springs–The city council gave a half-hearted endorsement of a ballot question looking to preserve open space. Garfield County Question 1A would raise sales taxes around 3 dollars a month per household for the preservation of agricultural land and other projects. The city council endorsed it with a 3 to 2 vote. Councilmen Todd Leahy and Mike Gamba abstained because they believe governmental bodies should not take political stances during an election.

Glenwood Springs–A compressed natural gas station may be coming to Glenwood Springs soon. Last night, the city council unanimously approved a 10 thousand dollar contribution toward construction costs. The catch is, Garfield County must agree to kick in 90 thousand dollars toward the project. Supporters of CNG say the demand will increase when the station opens. So far, no one from the private sector has shown an interest in opening a CNG station in Glenwood.

Glenwood Springs–The woman who scammed tens of thousands of dollars from clients in an interior design business is going to prison for a long time. 55 year old Shawnee Ryan was sentenced yesterday in Garfield County District Court to 12 years behind bars and six years of parole when she gets out. Ryan could’ve received a 42-year prison sentence for conning clients and suppliers by posing as a legitimate interior designer. Ryan will also have to pay restitution to the people she scammed. The amount will be determined later but prosecutors are asking for close to 60 thousand dollars. Most of her victims say it should be a lot more.
Shawnee Ryan’s legal troubles aren’t over yet. She’s waiting to be tried for writing a bad check two years ago while out on bond.