Silt–The town of Silt’s budget for 2012 is just under four million dollars. The town board approved the budget and it will be finalized December 12th. Town officials expect to save about 50 thousand dollars a year starting next year thanks to refinancing and combining debt.

Carbondale–Police in Carbondale are asking for the public’s help in finding the culprits responsible for flooding a brand new home on October 10th. The vandals plugged all the drains and turned on every faucet in the house, damaging all three floors.

Carbondale–Carbondale firefighters say a heat lamp in a chicken coop is what sparked an early morning fire yesterday on 10th Street. No one was hurt but the coop was destroyed and part of the house was damaged.

Denver–Colorado Republicans say they’re getting shaft with the new legislative district maps that were approved with yesterday’s partisan vote. Democrats say they voted for their own House and Senate maps to avoid splitting districts but Republican leaders say the new maps puts their own party at odds in next year’s election.

In other news….
COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (AP) – Emergency crews are continuing their
efforts to keep an oily muck seeping into Sand Creek from reaching
the South Platte River near Commerce City. The state health
department says the toxic spill is believed to be coming from a
nearby Suncor Energy refinery. The South Platte is a major source
of drinking water, wildlife habitat and agricultural water for
Colorado and the Midwest.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Senate has rejected an effort to strip
provisions dealing with the capture and handling of suspected
terrorists from a sweeping defense bill. Democratic Sen. Mark Udall
had offered the amendment to take out the provisions and instead
allow Senate committees to hold hearings with Pentagon and
administration officials on the issue. Udall had argued that the
provisions could be a threat to civil liberties. Republican Sen.
Lindsey Graham had countered that the provisions were necessary for
a nation at war.

DENVER (AP) – Gov. John Hickenlooper and Denver Mayor Michael
Hancock travel to California tomorrow to meet with business leaders
there about Colorado. The governor and mayor’s offices say
Hickenlooper and Hancock want to strengthen existing relationships
and encourage California business leaders to look at Colorado when
they want to expand or grow companies.