Nine Rafters Rescued from Roaring Fork River

Seven adults and two children were rescued by emergency responders from the Roaring Fork River today. According to a press release from the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District, the group’s raft became stuck under logs near Aspen Glen and the occupants of the raft subsequently became stranded on a small island.

Rescuers were able to use a tethered rescue boat to move the trapped rafters to another island, where they were then assisted across a shallower portion of the river to safety. All of the rafters were wearing life preservers and no injuries were reported.

Deputy Chief Rob Goodwin said that while local rivers are enticing, quickly melting snowpack is causing the water to move very fast which can lead to hazardous conditions. He recommends safety precautions in and near all local rivers and streams.

The Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District Swift Water Team was assisted in today’s three hour rescue by the Basalt Fire Department, Garfield County Search & Rescue and the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department.