Parts of Downtown Aspen Without Power

ASPEN, CO – 8/4//14 – At approximately 11:30 a.m. a main electric feeder line in Aspen was severed due to private excavation work on E. Hallam Street.  A significant portion of downtown Aspen lost power at that time.  Approximately two and a half hours later power was restored to sections of Aspen;  however, portions of downtown between Garmisch and Spring Streets and Hyman Avenue and Hallam Street still have partial electricity.

City of Aspen technicians in addition to sub-contractors are on the scene currently working to fix the problem.  The repair work entails several hours of digging and 1-5 hours of repair work. They have exposed 9 cables that were severed or nicked. Five of these are considered major cables which provide power to a majority of the affected area and four are considered minor cables that are limited to a smaller area.

During the repair of these cables there is potential for a full blackout in affected areas before power is restored completely.  The problem is estimated to be fixed by midnight.

Traffic lights at Aspen and Monarch streets are still not functioning, please treat these intersections as four-way stops. To maintain a safe environment the Aspen Police are securing temporary lighting in strategic locations downtown. Emphasis is being placed on intersections without traffic lights and areas of high pedestrian traffic.

Representatives from the City of Aspen have been contacting local businesses door to door keeping them apprised of the situation.

If you have plans in the downtown core of Aspen please call the establishment to determine whether or not they have power.

Continual updates will be posted to until power is restored to affected areas.

If you have a health or safety emergency call 911. If you don’t have access to a telephone attempt to locate an Aspen Police Officer. There are multiple officers patrolling the affected area on foot.