Pitkin County Hires Wildfire Mitigation Specialist

(Aspen, CO – 6/17/2014) – “Recognizing the importance of being proactive to minimizing the risk of catastrophic wildfire in Pitkin County the Board of County Commissions supported and approved a year round position of a Wildfire Mitigation Specialist in the 2014 budget cycle”, said Valerie MacDonald the Pitkin County Emergency Manager. “Wildfire is the number one hazard risk in the county”. On May 5 the county hired Darryl Grob who comes to us with over 30 years of fire service in the valley. “The County is acting as proactively as possible to work with communities to mitigate the chance of catastrophic fire due to the heavy wildfire fuel loads” said Grob. Grob will identify and assist Homeowners Associations and Caucuses in Pitkin County to mitigate the threat of wildfire to lives and property in our county-wide Wildland Urban Interface situations. Grob will also be meeting with the various groups in the valley already working on mitigation efforts in an attempt to possibly coordinate the efforts for the maximum gain for all. “We are already into the seasonal opportunity to perform fuels mitigation work on the ground,
and that will pass all too soon;” Grob said, “If people’s properties are in a hazardous condition it is important they are informed of that risk, understand how to mitigate the hazards, and do the work now.” Working with the local Fire Protection Districts, Pitkin County Community Development, and other agencies having jurisdiction in our County, Grob is working to educate caucus groups and homeowners associations on how to minimize the fire risk to their communities. In addition, local fire district mitigation assessors will visit homeowners and provide a detailed list of measures
they can take to immediately reduce the risks to their specific property. “This year may be one of very high wildfire hazard in late summer and fall as this extraordinary fuel load dies and dries out. If there is any doubt in a Homeowners Association or Caucus group’s mind that they are at risk they should call me and I will be happy to answer their questions and provide direction on how they should proceed.” It is best to act on this opportunity as soon as possible. For more information and to schedule an assessment, e-contact darryl.grob@pirkinsheriff.com