Pitkin County Plans to Relax COVID Restrictions

ASPEN—More education and personal responsibility and less regulation…that’s the direction the Pitkin County Health Department is taking with regard to COVID-19.  However, don’t take off that mask just yet. The less restrictive regulations won’t go into effect until Friday, May 28th at the stroke of midnight. While the number of COVID cases in Pitkin County continue to drop, only 59 percent of residents have been fully vaccinated.  Officials say the optimum level to begin easing restrictions and stopping the community spread is 70 to 85 percent. Beginning on the 28th, masks will still be required in public indoor settings and public transportation for everyone over the age of 2. Businesses may allow people to remove their masks if 80 percent of the guests or customers have shown proof of vaccination. If you haven’t had your shots or don’t intend to get them and you want to do business in Pitkin County, you’ll have to wear a mask and keep your distance from others.