Power Outage in Carbondale & South Glenwood Springs

7:30PM Update:  According to Xcel all customers should have their power back.

6:00PM Update:  There are still a few Xcel customers without power in Carbondale and South Glenwood Springs.  According to Xcel, power could be back on shortly for a few, and crew continue to work on the rest.

4:00PM Update:  Power was briefly restored, there are still a few people without power.  Xcel says they are “Assessing Damage” and it is possible that it could take a couple of hours for full restoration.

3:15PM Update:  Power has been restored to most Xcel customers.  Those few remaining should have power back shortly.

Xcel is reporting two power outages in the Carbondale area effecting approximately 3,400 customers.

The estimated time for restoration of power is 3:15PM this afternoon.