RE-1 School District Salary Increases Explored

Glenwood Springs—The Roaring Fork School District is among the most expensive places to live while teachers in the area are some of the of the lowest paid. That’s a big reason the Re-1 district is pushing for higher salaries.  According to the district’s Interest Based Bargaining team (IBB) the average salary is 15 to 20 thousand dollars below front range districts like Littleton and Cherry Creek.  Earlier this month, the Roaring Fork School’s Board of Education approved the IBB’s proposal to include a pay raise of over 14-hundred dollars for full time certified staff members by reallocating existing funds in the budget.  The raise will be effective in the fall.  The IBB team is also considering asking voters to approve a mill levy override in November of 2020 for long term salary increases.  Re-1 Superintendent Rob Stein says, “we are exploring all options to increase salaries to that we are more competitive and can keep and attract great teachers.”