Redwine Arrest

Disturbing new details are coming to light in the case against Mark Redwine for the 2012 death of his 13-year-old son Dylan.

Court documents connected to the contentious divorce and custody battle between Redwine and Dylan’s mother, Elaine Hall, describe “compromising” photos of Mark Redwine that were apparently discovered by his son. The photos reportely show an adult Redwine wearing a diaper and consuming human waste. Dylan’s mother believes that in addition to the stress of her breakup with Redwine, the boy’s discovery of the photos may have, at least in part, led to his killing.

Redwine was arrested this past weekend in Bellingham, Washington following an indictment that was issued by a LaPlata County grand jury. That indictment outlines some of the evidence that the grand jury considered: DNA testing that confirmed the presence of Dylan’s blood in several locations in his father’s living room, the scent of a human body detected by a cadaver dog in Redwine’s home and pickup truck, and a conclusion by a forensic anthropologist that the injuries to Dylan’s skull were caused by a knife – not by an animal.

Dylan had gone to his father’s Vallecito home on a court-ordered visit for Thanksgiving in 2012, and his father reported him missing shortly thereafter. His partial remains were discovered in June 2013 about 8 miles from the home, and his skull was found by hikers in November 2015 about a mile and half away from the other remains. Redwine has repeatedly denied any involvement in his son’s death.

He appeared in a Washington court yesterday and was ordered held on a $1 million cash-only bond. He is scheduled to appear again in the Washington court on August 17th, but it’s not yet clear when he will be extradicted to Colorado to face trial.