RFTA Gets the “Go Ahead” in Glenwood Springs

GLENWOOD SPRINGS—The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority got the green light to continue serving passengers in Glenwood Springs. Last night, city councilman Charlie Willman made the motion to allow RAFTA to operate within the city limits despite the risks involved with the COVID-19 outbreak. Willman says he was satisfied with the additional safety measures RAFTA agreed to implement including requiring each passenger to wear a facial covering prior to boarding a bus.  Willman says he lost sleep toiling over his carefully worded motion.  “I understand everyone’s concern. This is not an easy decision but I think it’s the right decision for right now.”  Joining Willman in support of continuing RAFTA service were Tony Hershey, Paula Stepp and Shelly Kaup. Steve Davis, Rick Vorhees and Mayor Jonathan Godes voted no.