RFTA Mill Levy Ballot Question

Glenwood Springs—RAFTA’s aging fleet of buses will need to be replaced soon but the money may not be there.  New Castle Mayor and RAFTA board member Art Riddile went before the Garfield County Board of Commissioners to ask for an endorsement of a mill levy increase that would raise about 9 and a half million dollars per year for various projects.  He says growth projections show Garfield County’s population increasing by 65 percent over the next 30 years, putting greater strain on roads and public transportation.  Riddile says several buses in the fleet are nearing the half-million mile threshold for replacement.  Garfield County Commissioner Tom Jankovsky says a 2.65 mill increase doesn’t amount to much but with a ballot full of tax related questions, he’s not sure voters will be sold on the idea. Before considering an endorsement, the board wants to hear a more thorough presentation from RAFTA.