Rifle Mother Facing Long Prison Sentence for Daughter’s Death

RIFLE—Stephanie Alvarado admits she was high on methamphetamine and is responsible for the death of her little girl nearly a year ago. The Rifle mother pleaded guilty to second degree murder in connection with the death of 5 year old Sophia Larson on December 11th, 2019.  Alvarado was originally charged with first degree murder.  The plea deal avoids a trial and means she could go to prison for up to 48 years. According to police reports, Alvarado was getting stoned that night in her Rifle apartment with her cousin, Daniel Alvarado and a friend, Bertha Ceballos-Romo when the little girl unknowingly drank from a water bottle containing meth.  According to statements made to police officers, Alvarado says she didn’t take her daughter to the hospital for fear of losing custody. Alvarado was also charged with burglary and assault for breaking into the home of Sophia’s father and attacking him in February while she was out on bond. Alvarado will be sentenced on January 29th.