Road Alert: Bank Failure on Hwy 325 North of Rifle

7/22/19 Update:

-Repairs have begun,expect traffic delays with one lane of alternating traffic with an automated stop light controlling traffic.

-Access to Rifle Falls and Rifle Fish Hatchery have delayed access do the road work.

8:40 AM 7/13/19 Update:
Colorado Department of Transportation said there was no movement overnight. Highway 325 has been reopened at MM 7 with 1 lane and traffic signal.

10:00 PM Update: As you would expect, the Colorado Department of Transportation says it will take a while to reopen Highway 325 because “The damage is extensive and will require reconstruction of this section of highway.”

Rifle Gap State Park, Harvey Gap State Park Grass Valley Road remain open and are unaffected.

As of 4:30, we are receiving reports that Rifle Mountain Park is closed as well as Rifle Falls State Park. The Rifle Police Department and Colorado Parks and Wildlife are working to evacuate anyone who may be stranded because of the respective closures.

3:00 PM update: Due the continued sloughing of the road, it is closed to all but local traffic at this time until further notice. Change the picture below was taken, the road is now gone past the center line.

Hwy 325 is now completely closed while crews work on the bank collapse.

Crews are responding to a bank collapse about 2 miles north of Rifle Gap Reservoir.

The bank failure is in the northbound lane, it’s approximately 200 feet long & 8 feet wide. The northbound lane is closed and one-lane of alternating traffic is being controlled by a portable stop light. The highway will continue to be monitored for integrity and safety.