Robinson Promises to Continue the Fight

RIFLE—Leslie Robinson admits she came up short of her goal of beating Mike Samson in the District 3 commissioner’s race but she says she’s not going away. In a post election letter, Robinson says, “I am not going to concede that we have lost.”  While losing to Samson by nearly 1,000 votes, Robinson points to the fact that she led most of the night and earned over 14 thousand votes out of over 30 thousand ballots returned. Robinson  says, “With these tight election results, it would be folly for the County Commissioners to believe they have a referendum to continue their conservative and ineffective policies.”  In addition to continuing the fight for clean air and water, Robinson says, “Most importantly, together we have to fight racism here in the county.”  Robinson calls the 2020 election the beginning of a movement to change Garfield County. She says two years from now, Democrats will have another chance to bring change the residents deserve. Commissioner Tom Jankovsky’s District 1 seat will be up for grabs in 2022.