Samson Earns Another Term in District 3

RIFLE—Garfield County Commissioner Mike Samson is relieved and thankful for being reelected in District 3.  Getting to the finish line for his fourth term in office was grueling. His Democrat challenger, Leslie Robinson, put up quite a battle and jumped out to an early lead that she maintained most of election night. Samson says he was a little nervous but not worried.
“I had faith in the electorate of Garfield County that they would retain John (Martin) and I, but I knew from the start that it was going to be a tough race.”  Samson says it was the hardest political race he’s ever experienced. Samson also criticized Robinson for allegedly spending outside money that he says unfairly and unjustly attacked him and John Martin. Samson says the next four years are going to be very challenging as the county continues to navigate through some very tough economic times.