Scott Tipton on President’s Immigration Ban

While the immigration debate has sparked protests around the country and broadened the political gap at the state and national levels, Colorado’s Third District Congressman Scott Tipton says despite the political rancor, there is common ground. Tipton says while there are divides, there are certain things everyone agrees on, such as “…the right to know who’s coming into the country. And then we ought to make sure we’re getting the background checks that are necessary… We all certainly have great empathy for people that are trying to be able to protect their families and we are also in concurrence that we want to be able to protect this country and our families.”

Tipton says contrary to what’s being said, President Trump‘s suspension of immigration involving seven known terrorist countries is only temporary and is not a ban against people of the muslim faith: “You can certainly have what we would label maybe as a Muslim-type name. You can come from France and be named Muhammad and be able to come into the United States. That was not I believe the point, it was strictly from areas to where (sic) we are seeing a lot of strife that is going on, a lot of terrorism–roots of terrorism, to make sure that the people coming in can be properly vetted.”

The issue has been divisive at the State Capitol. Last week in a symbolic gesture, the Democrat-controlled House voted to denounce the President ‘s refugee suspension program. Yesterday, a Republican-controlled Senate committee rejected the resolution on a 3 to 2 vote.