Shel Will “Pinch Hit” Final Summer of Music Concert

Yesterday morning, Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts Executive Director Christina Brusig received a phone call concert promoters hate;  Their headliner for the final Summer of Music performance of the year can’t make it.  Apparently the Groovetrotters’ tour bus broke down in Wisconsin and they won’t be able to perform tomorrow night.

Fortunately, a local (sort of) solution was located.  Fort Collins-based family band, Shel just performed at Mountain Fair in Carbondale and they are available Wednesday.  So, the final Summer of Music concert will be opened by AVQ at 6:30, followed by the pinch-hitting final headliner, Shel.

Shel is actually an acronym using the first letters of the four sisters in the band’s names:  Sarah on violin, Hannah on keyboard, Eva on mandolin, Liza on drums.  They say their music contains infectious rhythms and hypnotic vocals.

As always, plenty of vendors will be on hand.  Remember, pets, smoking and glass bottles are not allowed at Two Rivers Park during the Summer of Music concerts.