South Glenwood Businesses Experiencing Break-ins

Glenwood Springs Police are investigating several business break-ins that occurred in recent weeks.  One such break-in will cost a local business nearly $2,000 in lost merchandise and repairs to office equipment.

Glenwood Springs Police Lieutenant Bill Kimminau says so far the burglars have focused on the south end of Glenwood, causing damage, but getting away with very little money.

Kimminau recommends business owners and employees take these steps to protect their premises:

  • Take home cash boxes or make sure they are locked in a secure area that is not easy to break into
  • Ensure that existing alarms and cameras actually work
  • The last person out should make sure that all doors and windows are locked
  • Leave the lights on at night– this can help police and citizens see if someone is inside the business
  • If you see someone suspicious hanging around a business, call the police immediately