Suspect Arrested in West Glenwood Murder

Glenwood Springs—A local transient man with a history of run-ins with police has been arrested for the murder of a homeless man near the Glenwood Springs Mall.  According to reports from the Glenwood Springs Police Department, 42-year-old Trevor Torreyson was taken into custody last night at a campsite near the Colorado River in West Glenwood.  The victim, whose name has not been released yet, was found yesterday morning lying in pool of blood in front of a business near the mall.  According to arrest reports, it was an article of clothing that led to Torreyson’s arrest.  During a briefing last night, an officer recognized the article near the victim’s body and remembered Torreyson was wearing the same thing about a week ago. Officers say when they contacted Torreyson at his campsite last night they found strong evidence linking him to the murder.   The victim, a white male, was said to be in his 50’s.  Investigators have not said how the man was killed