Suspect in Westbank Standoff Will be Advised of Charges Today

Shots were fired late yesterday afternoon between a Garfield County Sheriff\’s Deputy and a man barricaded inside a Westbank home. No one was hurt and no hostages were involved during the two and-a-half hour standoff which ended when the suspect, 61 year old Craig Dance surrendered to authorities.

Tanny McGinnis with the Garfield County Sheriff\’s Office says the deputies were called to the house just after 4-pm to check on the man’s welfare. Dance allegedly argued with deputies before the shots were fired. Dance faces several felony charges and will be advised in court today.

What led to the standoff is still unclear at this point.

McGinnis says a reverse 9-1-1 call was sent out to residents in the Westbank area. She says for those signed up with the Everbridge notification system, the information about evacuations was much faster and more efficient via texting and e-mail alerts.