Telephone Scammers Active in the Area Today

Local residents are again receiving calls from scam artists pretending to be from the Internal Revenue Service and other governmental agencies.

Regardless who the scammer claims to be, the demand is always basically the same:  Go buy a bunch of gift cards and call back with the numbers.  At least one area resident actually fell for the scheme.

Today, the callers have identified themselves as representing the IRS calling about delinquent taxes and the US Marshall’s Service calling because the person who answered did not show up to jury duty.

Law Enforcement agencies from Aspen to Rifle have received complaints from residents who have received these kinds of calls for the last several days.

Remember, no government agency will ask for a gift card as payment.  If you ever have questions as to whether a call or other communication is real, contact the agency in question or your local police department directly.

The Better Business Bureau articles regarding this type of scam can be found below under “Related.”