Dotsero Mobile Home Park Residents Told to Shelter in Place

UPDATE, 6:45 PM: Authorities say the police activity from earlier today has been completed and residents may return to the Dotsero Mobile Home Park. No further information was provided.

Eagle County Authorities are advising residents at home in the Dotsero Mobile Home Park to “shelter in place” until a situation involving police is resolved. Meanwhile, a temporary shelter has been set up for residents not already at home.

The information came from text messages, which are sent to citizens during emergencies. Typically they regard traffic collisions and road closures, but this afternoon shortly after 1:00 came the ominous warning to, “Shelter in place.”

Displaced residents are advised to go to nearby Two Rivers Village, where a temporary shelter is being set up in the community center.

The emergency alert cited “Police Activity” as the cause of the warnings.