Terry Wilson Announces Retirement

You can officially call him a “short-timer.” The man who proudly wore a big, yellow, foam cowboy hat while directing traffic during the chaotic Grand Avenue Bridge construction project is calling it a career. Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson is retiring. The physically imposing but affable and good-natured graduate of Glenwood Springs High School worked in a local coal mine before venturing into law enforcement. Wilson jokes that he began as a dog catcher before becoming a patrol officer and ultimately the Chief of Police. Wilson’s exemplary 35-year career will officially come to an end February 1st, 2020. Wilson says the last six months of his career will be focused on a few projects he’d like to wrap up for the city as well as helping to find his successor. Wilson says the community and its citizens have always made his job rewarding and memorable. Wilson says, “I just want to say, Thank you Glenwood Springs.”