Tri-County Health Study

Glenwood Springs—Every year, Colorado is ranked as one of the healthiest states in the nation.  However, a recent board of health study of the tri-county area of Garfield, Pitkin and Eagle counties showed there are several aspects to overall health that often get overlooked.  Garfield County Public Health Director Yvonne Long helped coordinate a community health assessment and regional public health improvement plan.  Mason Hohstadt conducted the survey and wrote the report that examined things like tobacco, alcohol and marijuana use, obesity, level of education and income.  Hohstadt says a number of societal factors and determinants were taken into consideration as well including the number of children on the free lunch program and the high cost of housing in the region.  He found that far too many people have decide every month whether to pay for rent, food, heat or health care.  The report also reveals the top 10 causes of death in Garfield County in 2016 and compares them to statewide results.  The top three in both the county and the state are, unintentional injuries at number 3, heart disease ranks second while the number one cause of death is cancer.