Virtual Meeting Glitch Forces Garfield County to Postpone Hearing on Mining Regulations

GLENWOOD SPRINGS—Monday’s big public hearing on the new mining regulations for Garfield County was preempted by technical difficulties. Despite their best efforts, the county’s tech experts couldn’t get the live web stream meeting to function properly. Commissioners Mike Samson and Tom Jankovsky decided to postpone the hearing until next Monday, May 11th at 1 pm. Last month, the Garfield County Planning Commission unanimously approved the new mining regulations using the county’s 1041 powers. The revised regulations were addressed in response to Rocky Mountain Resources’ plans to expand the limestone quarry in Glenwood Springs.  Tomorrow, the Glenwood Springs Citizen’s Alliance will host a live webcast from 11:30 to noon. Alliance Executive Director Jeff Peterson, City Manager Debra Figueroa and City Attorney Karl Hanlon will give an update on the fight against the Beverly Hills, California company.