West Rifle Standoff Update

Rifle—The standoff between a man and the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office All Hazards Response Team that shut down I-70 between West Rifle and Rulison for over three hours actually involved three other men.  According to the latest reports, the man who ended up going to jail, 38 year old Justin Lopez Madrid and another man, were in a car accident.  Two other men from a nearby business offered to give Madrid and his co-worker a ride back to the disabled car.  Court documents indicate a fight began when one of the men offering to help, told Madrid the car wasn’t drivable.  That’s when Madrid reportedly pulled a knife and cut the man, which led the victim’s co-worker to stab Madrid in the arm in defense.  Wounded and bleeding, Madrid then fled up Webster Hill and remained behind some rocks until finally surrendering about three hours later.  Due to the potential danger to citizens and motorists and the proximity to I-70 and Highway 6, all lanes were closed in both directions until the situation was resolved.  Madrid is now behind bars in the Garfield County Jail facing a long list of felony charges including attempted first degree murder.