Work Zone Safety

If you haven’t noticed yet, construction on our highways has begun again. It is happening everywhere in Colorado as well as here in Garfield County as Road and Bridge Crews begin to repair the damage caused by the ice and snow of a long winter.


April 7-11 is National Work Zone Awareness Week. This year’s theme is: “Work zone speed: A costly Mistake.” Last year there were eight fatalities in Construction Zones in Colorado. The most vulnerable person on a Highway Road Crew is the worker repairing our streets and roads. Often this construction worker is out of his or her vehicle and depends on you to slow down and be alert.


This is not the time to text your friends or associates or to make dinner reservations, not only is it unsafe, it’s illegal. Respect our workers, some of them are your friends or neighbors and most of them have families just like you. Instead of being frustrated or annoyed by the construction crews, be thankful and appreciative. After all they are only trying to keep our roadways in the best condition possible to protect us and our property. If you know you are going through a construction zone, allow a little more time in your travels and be safe.


It is important to remember that work zone safety is an ongoing need and is not limited to one week of the year. Law Enforcement Officers can and do patrol these areas and the fines and penalties are generally double what they would normally be for a similar infraction outside of a construction zone.


The Garfield County Road and Bridge Department in conjunction with the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind you to help us keep everyone safe this year.