Glenwood Springs , CO — YouthZone has joined forces with other teens and scientists across the United States as part of “National Drug Facts Week” (NDFW).  The week-long health observance, organized by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the National Institutes of Health, takes place Monday, January 28th through Sunday, February 3rd.  YouthZone will be social media partner with NDFW posting drug facts on their Facebook page, blogging and tweeting to create more awareness of the impact of drugs on teenage behavior. There will also be pamphlets available at the YouthZone offices in Aspen, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs and Rifle for parents and teens:
  • Marijuana: Facts for Teens
  • Drugs: Shatter the Myths
  • Mind Over Matter: The Brain’s Response to Marijuana
  • Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know
  • National Drug IQ Challenge
About a third of high school seniors across the country report using an illicit drug sometime in the past year, and more than ten percent report non-medical use of a narcotic painkiller.  While drugs can put a teenager’s health and life in jeopardy, many teens are not aware of the risks. Even for those teens who do not abuse drugs, many have friends or family who do, and they are often looking for ways to help them.
Since 2009, YouthZone has seen the number of youth referred from the court with a marijuana charge double.  Of the youth we work with nearly 35% have a substance abuse issue. And almost 10% of our youth report using marijuana more than once a month which is at a rate 48.4% higher than for US youth.    
“We want teens to have the opportunity to learn what science has taught us about drug abuse and addiction,” said Lori Mueller, Director of YouthZone. There are so many myths about drugs cluttering our popular culture.  National Drug Facts Week is for teens to get honest answers about drugs so they can make good, informed decisions for themselves and share accurate information with friends.”
Here is what one young person said after working with YouthZone on their substance use, “They had me go through so many things, I can’t even explain, it’s a miracle.”