I-70 Closed Through Glenwood Canyon Only to be Reopened a Short Time Later

Update:  At 5:22PM CDOT has opened I-70 through Glenwood Canyon.

On Sunday 8/15/21 at 4:53PM, the interstate through Glenwood Canyon was closed again for safety concerns due to the incoming rain storm & the possibility of more debris coming down in the canyon.

This also means that the closure to all commercial vehicles is now in place at MM87 (West Rifle).  All vehicles will be diverted off of I-70 at West Rifle, and up the “Northern detour” (Hwy 13 to US 40 to Hwy 9).  Local traffic will be allowed to continue on I-70 at Rifle.

At this time there are no further details or an estimated time for I-70 to be reopened.

As a reminder Glenwood Canyon can be closed with out warning for several reasons… weather, ground instability, road infrastructure concerns, and many more.